Course Overview

Dr. Amy Sweet, Educational Psychologist, takes you through this highly practical course to help you understand anxiety in children and young people, and most importantly guides you step-by-step through numerous strategies, techniques, and approaches that can be implemented into your practice immediately!

  • Recognising Anxiety - understand how to identify anxiety in pupils in your school.

  • Practical Strategies for Individual Pupils - detailed, step-by-step instruction of how to use 3 crucial approaches.

  • Whole-School Approaches - ideas and strategies for developing your whole-school approach to reducing anxiety, and how/when to make onward referrals.

Course curriculum

Estimated completion time is 2hrs, and you will need to pass the Quiz and Assessments with a 100% pass rate

    1. Roadmap

    2. Anxiety - Introduction

    3. Download Workbook 1

    4. Before We Begin - Quiz

    5. What Is Anxiety?

    6. A Hand Model of the Brain

    7. Identifying Anxiety

    1. Chapter 2 Intro

    2. Download Workbook 2

    3. Naming & Taming Anxiety

    4. Comforting others

    5. Naming & Taming (continued)

    6. Naming & Taming Handout

    7. Relaxation Approaches

    8. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    9. Relaxation Approaches (continued)

    10. CBT & Thought Challengers

    11. The Power of Thoughts

    12. CBT & Thought Challengers (continued)

    13. Court Case handout

    1. Chapter 3 Intro

    2. Whole School Approaches & Onward Referrals

    3. Reflection & Assessment

    4. Course Feedback and Evaluation

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